Simplified Means of Email Organization

Unroll Me is a free service. It uses a straightforward interface to highlight all your subscriptions. For it, you can quickly sign up using your email address as well as either outlook, AOL, Yahoo, or Google accounts. Unroll. Me can also give you monthly notifications about new subscriptions if you wish.

Rakuten Intelligence owns Unroll. Me. Unroll. Me deals with email unsubscription services where you can have your inbox in order with the desired emails and free of unwanted emails. All this is quickly done with a single swipe or click. Rakuten Intelligence is a measurement business that deals with e-commerce. Its main aim is to make companies better understand how businesses are run. Signing up for Unroll Me means being a part of Rakuten Intelligence’s online shopping platform.

Rakuten Intelligence has and uses modern technology that facilitates identification, sorting, and extraction of information involving purchases from commercial emails. The technique takes no notice of personal mail; the information in them does not assist in the generation of the required market statistics and trends.

Consumers disregard information such as people’s addresses and names to come up with measurement items and products that give a better understanding of trends. Unroll Me has three main features that include unsubscribing, roll-up, and keep. The “unsubscribe” feature as earlier stated ensures that you unsubscribe from undesired emails.

The “roll-up” feature which can be in either grid or list format includes the daily tab that has some of the desired subscriptions that you would like to retain but not urgent. The subscriptions can be added or removed from the roll-up tab at any instance. The subscriptions that are added to your roll-up are not directly attached to the inbox. Instead, they are included in a one-time per day roll-up and get they delivered at other specified time.

This use may either be at dawn, mid-day, or evening depending on your preference. The “keep” feature on the other side ensures that all the separate emails in your inbox are retained and these three features are factored together to bring about the easiest means of keeping your inbox organized at all times.