Isabel Dos Santos, the Unmatched Entrepreneurial and Business Expert

Isabel dos Santos is a 46-year-old investor that has built her own brand in the entrepreneurship. Despite her engagement in the competitive industry, Isabel has fought her way to emerge the wealthiest female entrepreneur in Africa. She attributes her success to the excellent parental care from her parents, Eduardo dos Santos, former Angolan President, and her mother, Tatiana Kukanova. As a president’s daughter, Isabel attended Cobham Hall, one of the recognized girls’ boarding schools in the United Kingdom. After completing her studies at the prestigious institution, Isabel pursued electrical engineering at King’s College in the country’s capital. Surprisingly, Isabel dos Santos was the only student taking the technical course in her class. It was an indication that she developed the aggressive approach in life at an early stage. During her tenure at King’s College, Isabel met Sindika Dokolo, her husband that she married in 2002 after completing her college studies.

The Congolese husband to Isabel comes from a wealthy family, but that hasn’t deterred her passion for earning her fortune. She moved to Angola to pursue her investment activities revolving around telecommunication, media, hospitality, and infrastructure among other portfolios. Her expertise in economic development and innovation technique are some of the pillars contributing to Angola’s economic growth. Unitel, her telecommunication company, has contributed to the stability of the country’s communication sector through its efficiency. In the retail industry, the population has access to their essential commodities through the broad network of retail stores owned by her Portuguese corporation Condis company. Isabel dos Santos has contributed to the growth of the cement industry in Angola through her shareholding capacity at Nova Cimangola.

Her investments at the diamond, banking, and other sectors contribute to the backbone of the country’s economy. Additionally, over 50,000 individuals depend on her business ventures for their daily bread. She continues to extend her investments in Portugal, Lisbon, and Amsterdam, among other countries globally. Besides finance, Isabel dos Santos supports various initiatives that make the lives of the community better. Approximately 10,000 children from needy families benefit annually through her initiative that provides them with a special day of goodies. Isabel supports the global fight against malaria through supporting anti-malarial efforts as well as other healthcare programs. Her financial support for the Angolan educational programs is remarkable.