What Does JD.com and Farfetch Have to Offer to Their Audience?

The short answer is that the collaboration between the two brands will equal up to quite a bit for a variety of parties who are involved with both of these entities. The latest announcement of a collaboration between these two brands, Jd.com, and Farfetch will see the integration of Toplife into Farfetch China and additional benefits of the integration will make way for Farfetch to classified as a Level 1 brand on the JD.com application. A quick point is that the user base of Jd.com will be able to realize significant value with access to the many offerings present on the Farfetch platform. With over 3000 brands, the Farfetch network is certainly one to have if one is seeking to be a large player within the e-commerce market. To really understand why the Jd.com and Farfetch announcement is a big deal, let’s take a look at what both of these companies are and what they have done in the past.

What is JD.com?

Well, JD.com is an e-commerce platform within the large and populous country of China. Many people think that there is significant value still present within the JD.com platform that has yet to be realized. Why is this? Well, JD.com has partnerships with powerful brands such as Walmart which can provide a way for the realization of more value over time. Furthermore, it is established that JD.com is relevant within the industry because of its offerings and the way it is offered. It differentiates itself from others in China, such as Alibaba, in more ways than one.

Jingdong is a company that has headquarters in Beijing and is one of the most prominent business to consumers online based retailers within the nation of China. Jingdong is also proud to hold the key distinction of being one of the members of the Fortune Global 500. The company, Jingdong, seems to have great earnings, more active users and is witnessing an increase in sales growth over time. The company is expected to continue to be a prominent player within the global market over the long haul. Jingdong, with its key talent, key management structure, and drive for innovation will certainly continue to make strides as it moves into the future.

“Renovia Acquires $42 Million in Series B Funding Round “

Renovia Inc is a biotech company that opened its doors in 2016. Soon after starting operations, it acquired the Series A round of funding that helped them to lay the groundwork for the operations that they would pursue in the coming days. The CEO of this company is Marc Beer, a highly trained and experienced expert in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Marc is interested in a solution for women affected by pelvic floor disorders. Soon after starting the firm, he put up a team of equally competent experts to develop diagnostic and treatment methods for the affected group of women. The solution is aimed at coming up with the correct way of performing pelvic floor muscles exercises. Once the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened, these conditions can be treated. The funds acquired in the Series A funding round went into buying technology that would be used to develop treatment products.

In 2018, Renovia Inc acquired Series B funding round which amounted to $42.3 million. The funds were acquired from two sources, one being $10 million venture debt and $32.3 million through Series B equity. The funds acquired in the Series B funding round will be used in the creation of different therapeutic and diagnostic products. Leva pelvic digital health system is one of the products that Renovia will be developing through these funds. Other funds will be used in future clinical trials, new product development, commercialization of the company’s products and corporate governance.

During the Series B funding round, The Longwood Fund, a prominent healthcare investment firm joined the efforts by Renovia to come up with a treatment for pelvic floor disorders. Also, this funding round attracted many other investors who had previously invested in the company. From the investors who have been attracted by Renovia Inc, it is coming out clearly that this firm is engaging in a promising technology that will be successful in the future. As the world witnesses the baby boomer generation, it is highly possible that cases of pelvic floor disorders in women will increase and therefore products that are being developed at Renovia will become useful.

Since its formation in 2016, Renovia has consistently engaged in processes that will bring new products to the market. The current success of this company has been found through the Leva pelvic digital health system. That is product helps women to perform the pelvic floor exercises in the right way. It has been noted that without women conducting these exercises in the right way, they might never realize the benefits of pelvic floor disorder treatment. In fact, many pelvic disorders are related to poor pelvic floor strengthening.

Marc Beer has have been in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries for the past 25 years. His experience makes him one of the notable figures to spearhead a revolution in the medical sector. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/marc-beer/

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group, a hedge fund turned global financier and investor, made quite a splash in 2018 with one of their most important years of business since being founded in 1998. In 2017, the company Softbank ended up purchasing Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion with the closing date being in December of the year creating interest into how it would change business for the group now is a division, albeit a large one. With the purchase, Fortress Investment Group was put in a unique category of being the first hedge fund to go public, while also being delisted as a private equity firm giving them the opportunity to make interesting investment decisions.

Softbank has been known before the purchase to be heavily involved in the tech industry by helping out financially to those working on innovative technology such as artificial intelligence and robotics through their Vision Fund, but the purchase of Fortress Investment Group has allowed them to even go further. Beyond just helping tech startups through the Vision Fund, Softbank has expanded their support through the Vision Fund with Fortress’s experience to helping real estate types of startups. Examples of real estate startups Softbank has decided to start supporting through 2018 starts with the TSX Broadway project, a unique luxury hotel and entertainment space located in the world-famous Times Square in New York.

Along with Softbank’s support on the TSX Broadway project, large companies such as Amazon, Google, Disney, and Walmart have all shown interest in the project. With investing to help tech and real estate projects succeed in 2018, Softbank has used Fortress to create other unique opportunities such as the Patent Troll Fund, a $400 million fund with the goal of purchasing patents of companies and giving money to those protecting their own from intellectual property theft. With all of these different venues of investment, Fortress has been involved within 2018, it’s no wonder why Softbank decided the large price tag of $3.3 billion for the Fortress Investment Group was worth their time.