Neurocore MuscleTech, since its introduction in 2013, has been held in high standards by both the consumers and the producers. It is a mild stimulant pre-workout that after research, has been proven to increase user’s energy as well as mental focus. Taken 30-35 minutes prior workout, Neurocore kicks in quickly and lasts long in the body.

Tastes and Available Flavors

Though the flavor options in Neurocore MuscleTech pre-workout are limited, their tastes are quite remarkable. Mixing with water is easy as it quickly dissolves hence no gritty feeling when swallowing and no foul aftertaste. Neurocore comes in two distinct flavors which can be purchased in Ice Blue Raspberry or Cherry Limeade. The former leaves you with blue tongue and lips and is cheaper than Cherry Limeade, but both are well liked.


MuscleTech is known for making the best supplements. Neurocore pre-workout includes components in clinically recommend amounts to create mixes that are most effective. Among them are Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Theanine, and Yohimbe Extract. Other substances include Beta-alanine that enhances muscle and strength building, pure L-Citrulline for intense, long-lasting muscles pumps, Creatine that amplifies gains in size and Rhodiola extract that improves mental fitness especially during stress periods, among others.

Neurocore Users

Neurocore is perfect for the athletes, go-getters, gym rats and all men and women who love living an active life