Jacob Gottlieb, a financial analyst with a medical degree

At a young age, Jacob Gottlieb developed an enthusiasm for the stock market. He would collect and trade basketball cards in school. While in the seventh grade, he won a school stock picking contest. His father recognized that he had quite the ability to select winning stocks and arranged for him to run his investment trading account. Being the brilliant teenager that he was, he found ways to earn money by selling drinks to golfers at his local golf courses. He made these drinks by himself and mastered the art quite well. Most of his business skills were learned from his father who was an economics professor at the University of New York City. Jacob was also keen on his mother’s career. The mum was a practicing pediatrician in one of New York’s finest hospitals.

Making a career decision was a difficult task for Jacob Gottlieb. He had developed a passion for finance as well as medicine. He enrolled in the Rhode Island, Brown University where he got a degree in Economics. He also went on and pursued a degree in medicine from the University of New York Medical School. He graduated magma cum laude with a medical degree. For a short time, he went through his internship program at the New York St. Vincent Hospital. After completing the program, he found that his main passion was finance, so he left his medical career behind as pursued finance on a fulltime basis.

Jacob Gottlieb has worked in some of the most prominent corporations in the finance industry. He is the founder of Visium Asset Management in which he served as the Managing Partner and CIO. He is also the founding member of Balyasny Asset Management and the former investment portfolio manager of the Merlyn Financial Group of London. Jacob is also a philanthropist working with organizations like Covenant house whose aim is creating homes for homeless children.