Securus Technologies Receives Praise For A Job Well Done

Securus Technologies has been doing something right. They receive hundreds of letters weekly praising the services that Securus provides. Many of the facilities praise the voice recognition software for being able to recognize when an inmate receives multiple calls from different people or when an inmate or outside caller admits to a crime or the planning a crime. Facility clients also praised the quickness of the Securus staff when dealing with time sensitive or legal matters. Securus customer service staff have been trained well in the new Securus Technologies state of the art calling facility, handling all requests from law enforcement agencies with professionalism.


CEO and President of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has stated that the research and development department at Securus updates or develops new technology every week to improve or maintain the safety and security systems. Mr. Smith has also extended an invitation to customers and competitors alike to tour their new state of the art facility and see Securus Technologies in action. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and provides the safety and security technology for over 3400 public service and inmate facilities and a total of 1,200,000 inmates daily. Securus specializes in information management, incident management, investigation, emergency response, biometric analysis, and inmate self service. To read more about the comments the customers have left for Securus Technologies, please click here.