OSI Group Supplies Meat Products to the McDonalds and They Have Partnered With Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods is a company that deals with the production of burgers. The company was experiencing a shortage. Since the food processing firm has now partnered with OSI Industries, it will be able to expand its base of operation. Impossible Foods is also based in Redwood City, California. OSI Industries, on the other hand, is based in Aurora. Over the years, OSI Group has partnered with different firms, including McDonalds. The company’s meat production capacity is admirable. The corporation has also managed to maintain its positive reputation over the years. OSI Group and Impossible will begin working together immediately. Some of the challenges that Impossible Foods was facing include the inability to meet the demands of their clients.

The top food corporation has been serving different clients, including Burger King and White Castle. Since April, the firm has been facing various challenges, although they have been able to create more employment opportunities within Oakland, California. Other food processing companies are also facing some challenges in the meat production industry. The demand for meat based products has risen exponentially. As for Impossible Foods, their main problem is the inability to improve their production capacity, and that is why they have partnered with OSI Industries. There are more than 10,000 restaurants that have been purchasing burgers and other meat products from Impossible Foods. The firm’s client base has also been rising fast, and that is why there is an issue when it comes to the corporation’s production capabilities.

Besides dealing with the sale of meat products, Impossible Foods is also planning to deal with the sale of groceries. The partnership with OSI will enable Impossible Foods to double its production capacity. The corporation will also be able to produce best frozen foods. Since OSI Industries operates internationally, it can supply McDonalds with burgers and other meat products in more than 17 countries where they have established various food processing plants. Impossible Foods will also be in a better position to continue producing best quality products, and that means they will also have a larger market share in the food processing industry. The main issue is that each of the firms in the food processing sector has to compete to have a larger market share. As for the current partnership, Impossible Foods will retain its intellectual property rights.

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Isabel Dos Santos, the Unmatched Entrepreneurial and Business Expert

Isabel dos Santos is a 46-year-old investor that has built her own brand in the entrepreneurship. Despite her engagement in the competitive industry, Isabel has fought her way to emerge the wealthiest female entrepreneur in Africa. She attributes her success to the excellent parental care from her parents, Eduardo dos Santos, former Angolan President, and her mother, Tatiana Kukanova. As a president’s daughter, Isabel attended Cobham Hall, one of the recognized girls’ boarding schools in the United Kingdom. After completing her studies at the prestigious institution, Isabel pursued electrical engineering at King’s College in the country’s capital. Surprisingly, Isabel dos Santos was the only student taking the technical course in her class. It was an indication that she developed the aggressive approach in life at an early stage. During her tenure at King’s College, Isabel met Sindika Dokolo, her husband that she married in 2002 after completing her college studies.

The Congolese husband to Isabel comes from a wealthy family, but that hasn’t deterred her passion for earning her fortune. She moved to Angola to pursue her investment activities revolving around telecommunication, media, hospitality, and infrastructure among other portfolios. Her expertise in economic development and innovation technique are some of the pillars contributing to Angola’s economic growth. Unitel, her telecommunication company, has contributed to the stability of the country’s communication sector through its efficiency. In the retail industry, the population has access to their essential commodities through the broad network of retail stores owned by her Portuguese corporation Condis company. Isabel dos Santos has contributed to the growth of the cement industry in Angola through her shareholding capacity at Nova Cimangola.

Her investments at the diamond, banking, and other sectors contribute to the backbone of the country’s economy. Additionally, over 50,000 individuals depend on her business ventures for their daily bread. She continues to extend her investments in Portugal, Lisbon, and Amsterdam, among other countries globally. Besides finance, Isabel dos Santos supports various initiatives that make the lives of the community better. Approximately 10,000 children from needy families benefit annually through her initiative that provides them with a special day of goodies. Isabel supports the global fight against malaria through supporting anti-malarial efforts as well as other healthcare programs. Her financial support for the Angolan educational programs is remarkable.

Bhanu Choudhrie Invests Strategically and Successfully

 Bhanu Choudhrie finds satisfaction in supporting many worthy charities and is a well-known philanthropist. And that’s not even his day job which is his leadership of the investment firm that he founded called C&C Alpha Group. He was born in New Delhi, India and comes from an entrepreneurially minded family. This has helped lay the foundation for his future successes as a global businessman.

C&C Alpha Group has been in existence since 2001 and they have cultivated a strong reputation as global investors. Under the tutelage of Choudhrie, their expertise in emerging markets has been one of their calling cards in the world of finance. The ability to carefully evaluate opportunities in places like the Philippines and India is an example of their skills. They also display versatility as they are able to pinpoint solid investments in both startups and mature companies.

Among the many philanthropic endeavors engaged in by Bhanu Choudhrie, one, in particular, stands out. His timely work with Path To Success gives him a great deal of satisfaction as he helps those less fortunate in life’s circumstances. They help provide educational opportunities for those lacking the financial means to do so. Additionally, they focus on those with ongoing health concerns which limits their monetary resources.

Bhanu Choudhrie comes from a family of entrepreneurs and it made perfect sense to him to start his own concern. Various members of his family were engaged in the real estate, an import-export business selling televisions and one grandfather was a highly placed bank official with Punjab National Bank in India. With this tradition in place, he had a strong beginning foundation to work with.

One ritual that Bhanu Choudhrie finds crucial to his success is the way he awakens each morning to meet the day. He watches CNN and Bloomberg as well as similar channels in India to stay in tune with the finance world. This helps him understand global trends and also provides a snapshot of the daily activities of a highly successful executive. Bringing ideas to life is something that Choudhrie does regularly and he credits the great team in his circle.

Alpha Aviation Academy and Bhanu Choudhrie Celebrate 10th Anniversary

Lincolnshire Management’s CEO, TJ Maloney, Welcomes New Professional Team Members

In a recent article dated June 20th of 2019, the private equity firm Lincolnshire Management, Inc. announces they have expanded by adding additional members to their professional team. The article begins by specifically stating that the “four” added members are two senior associates and two analysts. The positions were filled by Matthew Nacier, Nicolas Vega Llona, Yashna Ginodia, and Georg Stolt-Nielsen. Serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney expresses his delight in welcoming the new team members. He then briefly tells the readers that the company is “committed” in growth by adding additional professional team members that will aid in finding “new investment opportunities.”

Next, the article goes in-depth about the company. It says that the company has a “track record” investing through a “hands-on” approach. Particularly, the article specifies that Lincolnshire Management has a “33-year” record in investing. It then gives its readers a brief peek at the company’s portfolio and recent accomplishments.

The article then moves forward to talk about each new team member. In a brief summary, Matthew Nacier joins Lincolnshire Management as a Senior Associate. Previous to this position, Matthew Nacier was a former consultant for the firm. Nicolas Vega Llona also serves as Lincolnshire Management’s new Senior Associate. The article states that Nicolas Vega Llona was a former employee at Grupo Alese. Yashna Ginodia serves as the firm’s new Analyst. Prior to this position, Yashna Ginodia served at another private equity firm. Georg Stolt-Nielsen comes onboard serving as an Analyst for Lincolnshire Management. Prior to the appointment at the firm, Georg Stolt-Nielsen was a former summer analyst for a Norwegian equity firm.

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TJ Maloney

As previously mentioned, TJ Maloney serves as Lincolnshire Management’s Chairman and CEO. His leadership began in 1993 when he joined the firm. Prior to his time at the firm, TJ Maloney also formally served as Chairman and served on the Board of Trustees at the Boston College Wall Street Council and Boston College, respectively. In addition, TJ Maloney also formerly served on the Board of Trustees at Fordham University. His education background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College. He also graduated from the Fordham University School of Law where he earned his Juris Doctor degree.

Lincolnshire Management Inc.

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm who specializes in investing in middle-market companies in various industries. Founded in 1986, the firm currently manages over $1.7 billion U.S. Dollars in private equity funds. Headquartered in New York, Lincolnshire Management also has a regional office located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Chicago’s Sheldon Lavin Proves To Be A Great CEO For OSI Group

Top-notch food companies like the famed OSI Group, which is fro Illinois, all have a great necessity for a capable and direction-oriented leader, and that is precisely what OSI Group has found with regards to their well-intending leader, Sheldon Lavin. Chief Executive Officer Lavin is a graduate of Chigcago’s Roosevelt University. Before his involvement with OSI, Mr. Lavin had his very own business that dealt with consulting, and was both active and successful in the down Chicago region for well north of a decade. Having stuck with OSI ever since the early days, in the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin is acutely aware of what his organization is in need of during a specific time. His longevity with OSI Group also serves as proof of his loyalty to food processing competitor.

A German immigrant who was at the time residing inside the city of Chicago created OSI, but it was initially titled Otto & Sons because this man’s name was Otto Kolschowsky. Prior to the re-branding of the 1970s, this group stuck up a supremely advantageous deal with McDonald’s, and this would propel the team to levels of food processing glory that could not have previously been predicted. This happened back in the company’s third decade of operation, the 1950s, and it ultimately set the tone for what the OSI Group would recognize itself to be truly capable of. Soon, this OSI Group team leverage the McDonald’s power and their strong food processing leadership to become a great powerhouse of their industrial sphere.

Upon Sheldon Lavin’s initial consultations with the OSI Group, all parties involved understood clearly just how valuable work like that could be in the organization’s future. Later, Mr. Lavin would enter the company and even taken on some ownership duties. Steering a corporate food process ship like OSI is something that only an adequately skilled and passionate professional can succeed at, and Sheldon Lavin has proven himself to be exactly this kind of professional individual. Sheldon Lavin has not only given employment to many international workers, and his charity involvement too cannot be overlooked, especially with regard to the Ronald McDonald House.

The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

CEO Barbara Stokes Combines Compassion And Business At GSH Of Alabama

Just running a successful company isn’t enough for entrepreneur Barbara Stokes. She also wants to truly help people while doing so. This is why she used her educational and professional background in management and manufacturing to co-found GSH of Alabama. Her company builds temporary homes for families who have been through a natural disaster that damaged or destroyed their homes. Read this article at alivenewspaper.com

Once a natural disaster is declared, Barbara Stokes works hand-in-hand with FEMA to assist the victims. Shelter is a primary concern. GSH of Alabama can quickly build small, safe, furnished homes delivered to wherever they are needed.

Check: https://chronicleweek.com/2019/03/barbara-stokes-gsh-alabama-provide-local-charity-weighty-donation/

Barbara Stokes has built a compassionate culture at GSH of Alabama. This includes making a major donation to Habitat for Humanity so they can assist low-income families across Madison County in Alabama. Barbara Stokes has said that what makes a successful person is how they treat others, which is a point she stresses at her company and home. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

Steve Ritchie Utilizes the Services of Jim Norberg to Assist Papa John’s

Papa John’s pizza chain hired Chief Operating Officer (COO) Jim Norberg in July of 2019. He used to be the COO of McDonald’s and performed in this job for well over 30 years. He is known for his work at McDonald’s. Norberg has helped this restaurant to grow in a positive direction. He understands what it takes to keep a brand relevant to consumers. He has been doing this for years. Steve Ritchie believes that Norberg is the right man for the job.

Steve Ritchie has been working hard since 2018 to ensure that Papa John’s is staying on the right track. Since he became CEO in January of that year, he has been busy figuring out different ways to improve the chain. Ritchie has visited the different Papa John’s chains around the country to get a first-hand perspective about venture. He wanted to meet the employees and franchise owners who make Papa John’s a great place for pizza.

COO Jim Norberg has his work cut out for him. He knows that Papa John’s has been lagging in sales in 2018. Sometimes a business experiences a drop in sales and profits. In 2018, Papa John’s was staying afloat but the company could do better. Steve Ritchie believes that Norberg will help the organization to get better. This is why Ritchie and the rest of Papa John’s board has brought him on board. They need him to make a difference.

Steve Ritchie has also been endorsing accountability, transparency and making sure the restaurant is providing the best customer service possible. He was enthusiastic about the inclusion Jim Norberg. He firmly believes that Norberg is going to be a great COO. Norberg is also glad about the job. He also expects this company to be a good fit for him. Norberg is up for the job. Read more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s: https://www.inc.com/scott-mautz/papa-johns-ceo-just-apologized-to-customers-twice-his-second-letter-shows-smart-leadership.html

Isabel dos Santos: Redefining Women Empowerment in Africa

The last three decades have been instrumental for the empowerment movements across the world. Isabel dos Santos has been part of these movements in two different capacities. For example, she is one of the top business executives that have dedicated their time in research and speaking on international forums. Major universities around the world have invited her (as a keynote speaker) on different occasions. Second, Isabel has actively assisted women on running projects — especially from her home continent Africa. She believes that creating economically viable projects is one of the best ways to achieve equity in the business world. Therefore, she has assisted women in formulating and running groups and organizations. In Angola, for example, she has assisted women in identifying viable business avenues.

Agriculture, according to Isabel dos Santos, is the best option for many women in this part of the world. Therefore, she is currently assisting women in agricultural-related projects in this part of the world. To realize maximum benefits from agricultural projects, Isabel works with different people and entities. In the last five years, for example, Isabel dos Santos has worked with agricultural universities in this part of the world. Isabel dos says that working with educational entities is ideal for the projects in the following two ways. Isabel acknowledges that education is irreplaceable in the projects, and second, universities have access to agricultural information and trends. Isabel dos Santos understands that empowerment in this part of the world of relatively different in terms of structures.

In the last five years, therefore, she has assisted women in forming groups and in return, simplify the organization processes. Thanks to this approach, Isabel is redefining empowerment by giving more women a chance to take charge of their lives. According to her, this is the perfect definition of empowerment. In addition to being the face of modern women empowerment, she is still a successful investor and a business professional. Isabel dos Santos understands that there are many opportunities in the world of alternative investments — especially for women. Therefore, she has interests across the world, and more specifically in Europe and Africa. The trained engineer understands that although the two markets are different, they have the potential to grow bigger. Click here.

Grupo RBS; the giant of Brazilian media industry

Grupo RBS is a private media group which is operational in the area of Brazil. It was started in the year 1957 and is currently under the leadership of Duda Melzer. The company was founded by the famous Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. Over the period of the past few decades, it has risen to the level of national prominence by following a slow and steady approach.

RBS is now easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest media group in all of Brazil. This is because the company has not placed all of its eggs in a single basket. It has a presence in various different areas of media which allows it to reach out to the common people in more than one way. It started the HDTV services in the year 2008 and became one of the pioneers in Brazil who were offering this service at that time. This proved to be an important milestone in the history of the company.

Duda Melzer has played a significant role in the growth of the media company and has also made its venture into different other areas as well. Melzer is the current chairman of Grupo RBS. According to the latest numbers, the current income of the company is estimated to be well over $1.35 billion. It is also employing 6,000 employees in different areas.

All in all, it has two TV stations, twenty-four radio stations all over Brazil, eight newspapers of different kinds and so on. It is also operating a digital company by the name of e.Bricks digital. Via the use of this platform, the Grupo RBS has made its way into different operational areas such as the development of digital products, publications of different books and hosting events.

Apart from all this, the Grupo RBS has also come up with multiple institutional campaigns such as “Education needs answers” as well as “Love is the best inheritance, take care of the kids”. These campaigns have been regarded as highly successful and have achieved their goal of giving out a positive message to the masses in order to make a difference. See Related Link for more information.

Visit their YouTube channel on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsGEHACBG6M3ztW06qzUTyg

Nitin Kanna: Striving to Grow a Successful Entrepreneur

Nitin Kanna: Striving to Grow a Successful Entrepreneur

Nitin Kanna is an Indian born, American entrepreneur who is no stranger to success. Growth is not a foreign concept for him. He strives to improve on a personal levels and his business practices. His past experiences have shaped the man he is today. He understands that in order for his company, MergerTech to grow, he needs to evolve as a person. He also recognizes that in oder to succeed, you need to experience a certain amount of failure. You become driven to succeed in the future and you adapt and change your course of action.

He is creative and innovative, and likes to “execute” and get things done. He claims that in the small tech industry, there are literally tens of thousands of competitors. You need to have a plan and be ready to execute that plan. He reflects on this when he hires people. He relies on employees that can get things done, so he tends to hire candidates with the best talent. He also tries to ensure that all his employees share the same mission and vision for his company. He believes that when everyone works toward the same goal, the company will ultimately be successful. The culture of the company must align with the culture of the employees.

Once a team of talented individuals is created with the same mission, vision and goals, a strategy can be set. You can begin to answer the question “How are we going to operate this business.” Nitin Kanna claims that he purposely has dealt with more operational aspects of his company over recent years because he wants to lead his team effectively. He also believes that by coaching his team members in the management of the company, they will be able to run the operations of the company so he can spend more time with his family and his kids.

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