Zeco Auriemo

Zeco Auriemo: Benefits Of Getting Reliable Real Estate Advice

Real estate can be very lucrative but you need to get access to top-notch advice and guidance. It is a good idea to turn to someone who is well known for producing outstanding results. There are many real estate professionals and firms that offer coaching or training program but you need to select one that has a proven track record in the industry.

Zeco Auriemo has great expertise in the development of real estate properties and is well known in Brazil. He has been in the real estate industry for a long time and he caters to a wide variety of clients, including organizations and individuals.

An experienced real estate professional like Zeco Auriemo can definitely help you to make the right decision regarding investment properties. A reliable professional can let you know how things work in the industry and advise you on how to find lucrative opportunities.

If you are serious about finding someone who can help to put you on the right path toward your goal, then check out Zeco Auriemo right away.

It is important to keep in mind that there are several steps you need to take before you can build a successful real estate investment business. Achieving the success you desire requires you to put in a great amount of effort and follow proven strategies.

Zeco Auriemo is chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF, one of the most reputable companies that handle property development in Brazil. This prominent property development firm focuses on high-profile projects such as shopping centers, hotels, and residential and commercial properties.

When deciding on a property development project, you need to consider the return on your investment. This type of project requires great expertise and a property development expert like Zeco Auriemo can guide you toward your goal.

Greg Blatt Gives A Lot Of Credit To His Law Background When It Comes To How He Has Found Success In Business

Greg Blatt is an entrepreneur who has an extensive and varied background in the world of business. His current role has him serving in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer with IAC. Within the scope of this role, Greg Blatt oversees the overall leadership at IAC on a strategic basis. Prior to his current position, Greg Blatt was the CEO within the Match segment of the IAC business model (LinkedIn) .

This role saw him responsible for matchmaking operations such as Singlesnet, Chemistry.com and the well know Match.com. Before this role, Greg Blatt served in an executive role in the are of human resources and legal matters with IAC. Greg Blatt has an extensive legal background and previously worked with the law firms Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz and Grubman Indursky and Schindler. These prestigious law firms are based out of New York City.

Greg definitely credits his law background in helping him to obtain the success he has enjoyed over the course of his career. Greg Blatt obtained his J.D in Law from the law school at Columbia University. The connection between the law field and much of what Greg Blatt has done since then has been instrumental in helping him to excel as a leader and innovator. The fact is that the law background that Greg has is one of the most useful aspects to anyone entering business as the two fields are often closely intertwined.

Greg Blatt also feels that much of his success in business is due to the fact that he has chosen a specific field of business to become an expert in. He has become one of the foremost figures in building up online dating forums. Greg Blatt has been able to achieve a great deal of success with a number of these types of platforms because he has built off of each previous success and utilized the lessons that have been learned in previous projects. These factors have contributed to the fact that he has been able to maintain such a long and successful career within this niche.

More about online dating industry and Blatt´s career at https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/topic/business/media-industry/greg-blatt-PEBSL000389-topic.html

Isabel dos Santos A Woman of Inspiration

Isabel dos Santos born to parents Jose’ Santos and Tatiana Kukanova on April 1, 1973, in Baku, Azerbaijan, is known to be Africa’s richest woman possessing a net worth of around two billion dollars. Married to Sindika Dokola with three children. Isabel dos Santos is a global prominent figure and one of the most influential women in the world. She attended King’s College in London, while there here studies were in electrical engineering.

In the 1990’s Isabel dos Santos returned home to join her father in Luanda and begin working as a project manager for Urbana 2000 to help clean up and disinfect the city. She also started a trucking business while there. She started her own night club in Luanda called the Miami Beach Club in 1997.

Isabel is in charge of Unitel, which is the largest telecommunications company in Angola, she is experienced in the field of creative infrastructure and economic development. Her efforts and achievements in this line of work have helped create over 50,000 job opportunities in her native country. She has experience and has explored many other facets of business spanning over twenty years such as entertainment, energy, construction, and media production. In a career as exceptional as hers, she has also taken on management positions in a number of businesses.

Isabel dos Santos has been asked often to participate in forums and to be a guest speaker at speaking engagements. She was sought out to speak before the European Parliament in Brussels on behalf of the ECR Africa Summit. The speaking engagement was about the rising of technology in Africa and how important technology development is implemented to diversify in that economy’s growth in the world of Banking and Agriculture.

Isabel dos Santos is truly a pioneer in her own right and an inspiration for women because of her astounding achievements and exceptional savvy business accomplishments and contributions to society.

More on Isabel´s charity projects at http://affiliatedork.com/isabel-dos-santos-telecom

OSI Industries’ Global Positioning

Global positioning is vital for a company’s success, especially if the company is a global brand. Expansion and bridging the gaps via commerce is certainly the way to go if your company aspires to reach a certain level of success. This is exactly what OSI Industries has done over the course of 10 decades. This particular company has been able to navigate the food service fields by partnering with other similar companies. In addition to that, OSI has surely participated in its fair share of acquisitions. This phenomenal food processor has entered into many joint deals with a multitude of industry-related enterprises such as warehouse farms, plants and poultry-processing facilities. OSI Industries itself is basically a range of pilot plants and test kitchens.

In China, OSI has become this nation’s largest processor of poultry. OSI has worked within China’s borders for over 20 years, and it has boosted this great nation’s economy by doing so. The company has up to eight advanced facilities here. GenOSI is the perfect example of a joint venture. This advanced facility is located in the Philippines. In Spain, OSI has been able to double its production power. Company leaders have incorporated high-capacity production lines to achieve such wonderful results. These high-capacity production lines were purchased for up to $17 million, and it was worth every penny.

OSI has gone from processing 12,000 tons of chicken to processing more than 24,000 tons of chicken in a single year. The same results have also transpired at other locations. OSI Industries has partnered with Australia’s Turi Foods to create a world-class food company. Both food processors share the same goals and ideas, which has dictated them to being a perfect match. OSI Industries is the future of food services, and it will continue to dominate the field if the world’s food demands continue to increase.

Eric Lefkofsky is Changing the World for Children and Cancer Patients

Eric Lefkofsky is well known throughout the world not only for the success that he has had in business and technology but also for all of the different works of philanthropy that he has performed throughout his career. The founder of Tempus, a company that offers a new way to manage cancer care, has become one of the richest people in the world and has joined The Giving Pledge with entrepreneurs like Bill Gates as a promise to keep contributing a large portion of his wealth back to society. The efforts that Eric Lefkofsky make in their communities were formalized into the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that focuses on helping children through better health and the arts.

The world of health care and medicine is always looking for better ways to treat cancer, but Eric Lefkofsky realized that the way data is saved and organized when it came to the information of patients just wasn’t good enough. A lot of information for lost or was impossible to use in any useful way because of the way that it was saved. Tempus is changing all of this by creating what he calls an operating system for cancer care. By using big data, he hopes to be able to improve the care that patients receive while being treated for different types of cancer.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has helped hundreds of organizations around the world. Along with his work on Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky also donates to organizations and medical facilities that are dedicated to helping people with cancer live healthier and happier lives. Some of the money that was donated by him and his wife even goes to grants to help study cancer and how to treat it. In addition to health, the family also helps children embrace and explore the world of art in Chicago.

Learn more: http://www.howtheydidit.com/eric-lefkofsky/

Sergey Petrossov Is Disrupting The Aviation Business

While many companies grow from intense marketing campaigns, Sergey Petrossov has been able to grow his business by providing a product that people want to talk about. This is the case with his private jet booking marketplace, JetSmarter. JetSmarter allows people to skip going to a brick and mortar location to book a private jet and instead do it straight from their phone. The old way of doing things when it came to private jets just wasn’t convenient and Sergey Petrossov knew that there had to be a better way to get things done. While he may have searched for something more convenient, he was not able to find anything.

Instead of complaining that the service that he was looking for didn’t exist, Sergey Petrossov set out to change things and began working on co-founding the company that is now worth upwards of a billion dollars. Instead of trying to find a solution for a problem that people already were talking about, he found something that needed improvement but wasn’t really getting much attention. It quickly became apparent that other people weren’t happy with the private jet industry and Sergey Petrossov was able to receive investments from moguls, billionaires, and even royalty.

The Russian native is now living in Florida where JetSmarter is based out of and is strongly focused on helping his business grow. As the CEO, he is continuously trying to offer everything that their clients need for travel in one place. Aside from private flights, people may also order experience packages from the app that are unique to the company. Sergey Petrossov is working to reimagine aviation and wants to disrupt the industry until everyone decides to fly privately. Like Uber, they are giving their users private travel options so they are not stuck using the services of a big company.

Excellent funding strategies for startups by Paul Saunders

There are myriads of budding entrepreneurs in the world who have business ideas which if funded could turn into amazing empires. Unfortunately, astonishing ideas aren’t enough to convince people to invest in you. On the bright side, however, it is vital to note that there are many funding options that they could take advantage of, to turn their business ideas to reality. Having been an entrepreneur who was once in such shoes Paul Saunders, the man behind James River Capital often goes out of his way to share success tips with struggling startups. For instance, he recently shared funding strategies with entrepreneurs with great ideas but lack the money to bring them to life.


Instead of relying on other accomplished investors to invest in their startups, Paul Saunders advises budding entrepreneurs to use their credit cards, borrow from friends and family or use their savings to start and run their entities. He goes on to add that while bootstrapping may not cover everything; it is an excellent place to start as it covers some of the basic costs.

This he says is a good funding strategy as it not only gives them a head start on their dreams but also means they are in full control of their business as they won’t have to give up any equity in comparison to when accomplished investors fund them. Bootstrapping is also an excellent way to encourage others to believe in your ideas as you will not be talking about them, but working on them.


Another great funding strategy according to Paul Saunders is crowdfunding through platforms such as Kickstarter. It simply involves marketing your idea to a large group of people, and in return, they pledge money to support it. They usually don’t expect to get it back, but you can offer incentives to encourage more people to assist you.

While it is a significant funding option, Paul Saunders says that no one will wake up and decide to give you their money. You, therefore, have to market it through social media platforms so people can believe in it. He nevertheless adds that most crowdfunding campaigns are often successful and if you market it well, it can yield excellent results for your startup.

Apart from bootstrapping and crowdfunding, Paul Saunders also suggests applying for a business or local loan or look for an angel investor, trading equity or venture capitalists who will be willing to invest in them.

Who is Paul Saunders?

As noted earlier, Paul Saunders leads James River Capital as the CEO. He has been leading this firm since 1995 when he, together with a business partner completed its acquisition from Kidder, Peabody, and Co in 1995. Before James River Capital, Saunders worked as head of managed accounts and commodity funds at the firm and was later promoted to president.

It is after this that he bought the alternative investment department of KP and renamed it to James River Capital. He is an alumnus of the University of Chicago where he earned his MBA and also the University of Virginia from where he graduated with a BA. Learn more: http:// https://patch.com/virginia/richmond/paul-saunders-principal-james-river-capital-corp-burnout

Allied Wallet: Increasing Global Trade by Providing Secure Online Payment Solutions

Allied Wallet is a leading turnkey payment gateway solutions provider globally. The company offers its services in 196 countries where millions of satisfied customers have transacted billions of dollars through its platform. Consequently, the company has invested in making payment processing reliable across all the markets it operates in. Allied Wallet has dedicated itself to providing simple e-commerce tools where all transactions are encrypted to ensure secure payment processing (Digitalmode).

The global e-commerce industry is growing fast. Allied Wallet is seeking to serve customers in all the emerging economies with safe and secure e-payment solutions. In the Philippines, internet usage has increased by 500% since 2011, but e-commerce has not fully taken off in the country. However, with a population of more than 105 million people, the Philippines has a lot of potential in as far as e-commerce growth is concerned. Consequently, Allied has entered the Philippine market looking to meet the ever-growing demand for safe and secure online payment processing methods.

In more developed nations like Canada, Allied Wallet has added more payment options. 75% of Canadians adopted digital banking. By looking into the needs of this region, Allied Wallet recently added SafetyPay, INSTADEBIT, and Interac Online as available payment options so that merchants could cater to the needs of Canadian shoppers better. Canada is one of the richest countries in the world according to USA Today. Consequently, e-commerce spending is projected to increase to €19.4 billion by 2021 up from the current €18.1 billion annually.

4.9 million of the 9.7 million Austrians shop online. Consequently, Allied Wallet has increased the number of online payment processing options available to Austrians. It is now compatible with SOFORT, Trustly, EPS, and Entercash in Austria. This move is aimed at connecting more online businesses to shoppers in Austria. Many of Austrian e-commerce purchases are from German, Czech, Chinese, Italian, and Swiss businesses. Because most of the population is avoiding the use of credit cards use to high transaction fees, Allied Wallet is providing the banked Austrian population with bank transfer payment methods of their choice.

Allied Wallet is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry by offering PCI compliant merchant services for businesses of nearly any size. Through new and innovative payment processing solutions, the company is seeking to enable fast and secure global payments to increase global economic growth.

More information about Allied´s online payment services at http:// https://www.alliedwallet.com/contact-us/

How Greg Blatt Became the Perfect Match for Online Dating Companies

Greg Blatt has made a name for himself as a respectable leader in the online dating industry. His tenures at IAC, Match Group, and Tinder has proven an increase in their userbases and revenue. Before being Chairman and CEO at Match Group and Tinder Inc, Greg Blatt held positions at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. He was the Executive Vice President of Business Affairs and General Counsel. He oversaw legal and transnational activities that pertained with the company. Before his time with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, he was an associate at Grubman Indursky Schindel PC (1997-1999) and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz(1994-1997) law firms. He attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language and Literature/Letters and Economics from Colgate University. He also attained Doctorate of Law from Colombia Law School.

A strong educational foundation was one of the keys to his success in the online dating industry. Other factors that contributed to Greg Blatt growing success as the guru was his commitment, dedication, know-how, and experience in this field. During his time as chairman of Match Group, there was fear that there would be an overall drop in revenue due to the numerous dating sites and applications the company was juggling.

Under Greg Blatt’s leadership, a new premium subscription plan called Tinder Plus was rolled out. The predicted negative possible outcome did not come to pass, instead of steady growth in revenue for the company. For those wishing to pursue a career in business can learn a lot from Greg Blatt. He used his background in law and economics to find a niche in business leadership to specialize in (Consumerist).

Law requires discipline and strategy to overcome cases and seek a win. He was able to use his law degree and understand how legal procedures work can add an advantage when choosing which right directions to choose in a business. Greg Blatt found a niche that he was good at and focused on mastering his law skills set in this business sector.
Greg Blatt has demonstrated great success wherever he served as in top level positions. We are sure to see similar levels of accomplishments to where he seeks to move on with his career.

Find more information about Blatt´s life and career at http://professionaltales.com/greg-blatt/

Dr. Dov Rand: Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Dov Rand is a healthcare specialist who has to build his long spanning career for over 15 years. He is a specialist in the field of rehabilitation and physical medicine. Dr.Dov Rand has used his expertise to diagnose a wide array of diseases among his patients. He assists his patents in maintaining the highest level of health possible throughout their lives. He is dedicated to using treatments derived from peer reviewed medicine to provide unparalleled medical services to his patients from all walks of life.

Education and Early Career

Dov Rand completed his undergraduate studies at Rutgers University. After that, he enrolled at Howard University Medical School. He then went on to complete his residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center. Dr. Dov Rand credits his success to the skills he learned during his training in medical school and his internship at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. His entrepreneurial spirit kicked in after he has completed his internship. It was then that he started Healthy Aging Medical Centers more than 15 years ago.

Secrets to Healthy Living

Dov Rand attributes his healthy life to the habits that he has adopted over the years. He reiterates that he acts as the first role model for all his patients, setting the standards required for healthy living. Dr. Rand is a role model for his patients. The doctor leads an active life hence keeping lifestyle diseases at bay. Some of the activities that take up his free time are cardiovascular exercise, strength training, martial arts, and yoga. Additionally, Dr. Dov Rand underscores the importance of sticking to a healthy diet and incorporating supplements in his diet, in line with his wellness goals.

Advice to the Younger Generation

Dr. Dov Rand also believes in engaging his mental health and keeping it active through reading literature, writing and attending professional conferences. Not only do the activities he engages in keep him sharp and engaged but also provide him with the knowledge he uses to treat his patients daily. Dr. Dov Rand recommends that everyone should not relent in their pursuit of knowledge. He reveals that expertise can be sourced from different channels as opposed to traditional schooling. He advises young people to use the internet as a resource for learning and keeping abreast with current affairs.

More information about Dr. Rand´s medical services at http:// http://drdovrand.com