Madison Street Capital and Meticulous Knowledge

The results of the M&A Advisor Awards for 2017 are in now. Madison Street Capital has proven to be a big winner, too. This firm scored a number one slot in the “Debt Financing Deal of the Year” category. That’s not the end of the award accomplishments for the company, either. It did extremely well in a number of other prominent categories as well. The talents who are behind the awards were extremely dazzled by the company’s work in a transaction that involved WLR Automotive.


Madison Capital scored a lot of points in the category for 2017’s finest boutique investment banking firm. It scored points in the category for Financials Deal of the Year, too. The latter category was designated exclusively for options that didn’t exceed 250MM.


Many influential professionals in the finance industry made appearances at this awards ceremony. New York, New York’s Metropolitan Club was home to the big and lavish event. Madison Street Capital’s leadership division was delighted to receive positive acknowledgement from other professionals who are part of the field.


Madison Street Capital is a Chicago, Illinois company that offers knowledge regarding a broad assortment of relevant subjects in the financial world. It can be a big boon for clients that are searching for in-depth corporate advisory assistance, first and foremost. The firm’s staff members offer corporate advisory guidance in the form of reorganization services, mergers & acquisitions advice, buy out guidance and more. They frequently discuss matters that involve private placements, corporate governance, ESOP, bankruptcy and capital restructuring. Madison Street Capital responds to the corporate advisory needs of clients in many different settings. Its offices are in many locations. People can find them in North America, Africa and Asia with ease. Madison Street Capital is known for its international take on things. This take enables them to understand businesses that operate internationally and locally.


There are so many other categories that are invaluable to the Madison Street Capital team. Although they delve into corporate advisory matters on a daily basis, they devote a considerable portion of time to a large range of others. This firm specializes in business valuation that goes into both tax compliance and company topics. It assists clients that are on the lookout for rock-solid asset management services as well. Clients that are in need of help that involves financial sponsor coverage, in-depth restructuring, portfolio valuations and beyond can happily turn to Madison Street Capital’s knowledgeable specialists. The people who show up to Madison Street Capital each day are the ones who believe in the value of business exit planning, capital adequacy, structured finance items, tax planning, wealth establishment and shared base compensations. Madison Street Capital has a team of unwavering aficionados.


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Securus Technologies Receives Praise For A Job Well Done

Securus Technologies has been doing something right. They receive hundreds of letters weekly praising the services that Securus provides. Many of the facilities praise the voice recognition software for being able to recognize when an inmate receives multiple calls from different people or when an inmate or outside caller admits to a crime or the planning a crime. Facility clients also praised the quickness of the Securus staff when dealing with time sensitive or legal matters. Securus customer service staff have been trained well in the new Securus Technologies state of the art calling facility, handling all requests from law enforcement agencies with professionalism.


CEO and President of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has stated that the research and development department at Securus updates or develops new technology every week to improve or maintain the safety and security systems. Mr. Smith has also extended an invitation to customers and competitors alike to tour their new state of the art facility and see Securus Technologies in action. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and provides the safety and security technology for over 3400 public service and inmate facilities and a total of 1,200,000 inmates daily. Securus specializes in information management, incident management, investigation, emergency response, biometric analysis, and inmate self service. To read more about the comments the customers have left for Securus Technologies, please click here.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi New Loan Programs

As the economic growth in Brazil continues to increase, many people are excited about the possibility of starting a small business. For many years, the economy in Brazil was based on the agriculture industry. Over the past few years, the economy has started to develop and expand. Many people now have the option of pursuing a business idea in their life instead of just having a small farm.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the CEO of one of the largest banking companies in Brazil. While he was at Bradesco, he developed a number of new lending programs for small business owners. These lending programs were highly successful in a number of ways. Not only did they help people start companies, but they also gave people a way out of their current situation.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi recently decided to leave Bradesco and focus on other areas of his life. However, he is still excited about the new lending programs that he helped to start in Brazil.


Early Career

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had an interesting career to become the CEO of Bradesco. He did not grow up in an affluent area of the country. He grew up in a poor area where few people went to school. However, he knew that education was the only way that he could make a positive impact in the world.

Although it was hard, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was able to devise a plan to attend college by working multiple jobs to pay for his tuition. Over time, he has done a great job of making a difference in the lives of others. There are many people who are excited about the changes that he made to Bradesco.

Small Business Loans

Starting a small business is not an easy process. One of the biggest constraints for small business owners is a lack of capital. There are few people who have the capital to start a company from the ground up. At one time, small business loans were simply not available to people who did not have a lot of capital. This made it difficult for anyone to start a new business unless they were already wealthy.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided to change the industry at Bradesco. He started multiple loan programs for people who wanted to start a company. Although the interest rates were high, they were still a lot of people who decided to sign up for the loans. Over time, this helped to improve the economy as more people borrowed money to invest in their future.

Future Plans

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has a lot of plans for the coming years. Not only does he plan on spending time with his family, but he is also involved with various charities in the area. There are numerous people who are excited about the changes that he made to Bradesco. When he took over as the president of the company, there were a ton of issues that he had to resolve. The company is now headed in a positive direction due to his leadership.


Sahm Adrangi: A Leader in the Investment Community

Sahm Adrangi is the founded Kerrisdale Capital Management Company in 2009. He has put his imprint in all aspects of the company. Sahm Adrangi started the company with less than $1 million and as of 2017 the firm manages over $150 million. Sahm Adrangi is best known for sharing his insight on the stock market and discussing misconceptions. The company publishes research about the markets on its website and social media. Sahm Adrangi is also known for exposing deceptive Chinese companies such as China Marine Food Group. Some of the companies faced punishment from the Securities and Exchange Commission, and more information click here.

Kerrisdale does research on a wide range of companies but in recent years has focused the biotechnology and mining sectors. Sahm has also done research on telecommunications companies and ahs been skeptical of Dish Network, Globalstar and Straight Path Communications. Mr.Adrangi has been very active in the investment sector and helped the Lindsay Corporation maximize its capital. He also played a major role in replacing two directors from Morgans Hotel Group in 2014.

Sahm started his career in the credit sector performing debt financing at Deutsche Bank. He also worked for Chanin Capital Partners and advised committees on bankruptcy proceedings. Sahm Adrangi spent a few years at the suffering debt hedge fund company Longacre Management prior to his investment banking career. Sahm received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University, and follow his Twitter.

Mr. Adrangi is an accomplished speaker and has made appearances at a variety of conferences including the Sohn Conference and the Value Investing Conference. He also has done interviews on national television stations and major publications to include the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNBC, and Bloomberg. In 2016 Kerrisdale raised over $100 million to go against a single stock. The idea was to short the stock of an upcoming public company.

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Despite paying high commissions, Securus Technologies keeps rates low in Louisiana

One of the most heated controversies involving the prison communication system is the fact that many of the nation’s largest inmate communications providers are paying large commissions to the institutions in which they operate. These commissions, which are almost universally paid by inmate communications companies, have been described as legal kickbacks, a way for the prisons themselves to decide who has the ultimate privilege of providing the inmates with communication services based on the company’s ability to pay the largest fee to the prisons where they are allowed to operate.


Although this system has received a great deal of serious criticism, it continues throughout the United States. This is largely due to the fact that U.S. prisons have been perennially underfunded since the beginning of the modern prison system. Especially throughout the South, prisons have long been encouraged to be completely self-sufficient, providing their own food and even their own means of generating revenues through such programs as inmate-run shops and leasing convict labor.


This tradition has now been extended to inmate calling systems, which are largely expected to maintain complete self-sufficiency in terms of funding but also to provide the nation’s prisons with enough cash to make up for budgetary shortfalls. This is the origin of the commission system that is so often seen today.


The complaints arise where these commissions end up being passed on to the inmates in the form of exorbitant phone rates. However, even where the companies are paying large commissions back to the institutions in which they operate, companies like Securus Technologies are able to maintain a relatively low rates for the inmates. For example, in the state of Louisiana, Securus has been able to maintain an average outgoing phone rate to inmates of just $1.50 per minute. This is despite the fact that the company pays an average of 75 percent in commissions to the institutions in which it does business.


Advantages of Event Planner

Planning an event can be devastating, and that is why people hire event planners to do the planning. When planning, one is faced with much decision making from choosing the suitable grounds to host the events, the date of the event, the persons to attend as well as the catering issues. The decisions will be a significant determinant of whether the event will be enjoyable to the hosts as well as their guests and this is where corporate event planners bring their expertise. There so many event planning companies in NYC and to choose the best one can get advice from their friends and family who have used the services of events planners or even visit the planners to get to know more. Going for an event planner is an added advantage and below are some of the benefits that come with choosing an event planner.

Advantages of an Event Planner

  • Saves on hotels; most of the event planners have a strong relationship with the hotel’s sales managers as well as the management that can lead them to get a discount on the rooms as well as the conference rooms in case the event is to be hosted in a conference hall.
  • Negotiate skills on event planning: event planners know the venue of the events and they also have a good command of negotiation. The planner can negotiate on reducing the rates which are an added advantage.
  • Saves time and stress: it gives the host of the events peace of mind knowing that someone else is taking care of the business and therefore they can be able to do other personal business without worry.
  • Professional advice: event planners will offer their expertise by giving the required information as they make adjustments to satisfy your needs and desire. Planning an event should not be hectic with a professional planner.

New York City has been experiencing tremendous growth when it comes to event planning. Corporate event planners NYC are making lots of profits and the industry is getting be an event planner one must start by planning before even thinking of establishing a business. Learn more about planning by joining the right education institution before joining the planning industry. To be a good planner, it is necessary to network which at the end of the end will be of a great benefit to your business.

Paul Mampilly, American Investor, On Business Investment

Paul Mampilly is the senior editor with Banyan Hill Publishing. He was appointed in 2016. He has been a hedge fund manager managing millions of dollars. He has won many accolades for his exemplary work in fund management. He also gives financial recommendations to potential investors.

Paul Mampilly started his career as an assistant portfolio manager in 1991, working for Bankers Trust. He then moved to work for ING and the Deutsche banks, where he was managing billions of dollars. In 2006 he was recruited by Kinetics Asset Management (a hedge fund) owners to manage $6 billion. In a short span, Paul was able to grow the firm assets to 25 billion. This led to it being named as the “World’s Best” hedge fund after making an annual return of 26% under the tenure of Paul Mampilly.

In one of his best-known achievements is at the Templeton Foundation. The foundation had sponsored a competition for hedge fund managers. He started with $50 million and within a year it had grown to $88 million. What was more impressive is that he managed this during the infamous global financial crises between 2008 and 2009. He emerged victorious in the competition.

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Paul Mampilly later left the hedge fund and corporate sector and opted to retire and concentrate on mentoring new investors on how to make money through financial investment. To accomplish this he started the popular “Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes” newsletter. Currently, in 2017, he is working to initiate a research service called True Momentum.

Paul attributes his success to getting his priorities right. He advises that the first priority in doing business is to get the procedure right and not to make money. Getting your priorities right is the route to future success. He also encourages the habit of working with the right people and in team work. Paul advises that the investment sector is a dynamic field that keeps on changing. Investors have to keep updating themselves with changes and act accordingly. Paul appears as a financial adviser with various business media such as CNBC and Bloomberg TV. Paul Mampilly advice investors to look for opportunities in the medical, food electric car industries. According to him, these industries will have huge success in near future.

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